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Shade Finder

We know it isn't easy to find your perfect foundation or concealer shade without trying it against your skin. So we have the solution. Email us a picture of yourself, in natural light (no phone filter) with a white wall background and we will advise you on which colour is best suited to your complexion and send you a sample of that colour to try.  Easy and simple.  As a guide however - the foundation colours apply as follows:



Bisque - for very very fair / light skin complexion with ivory undertones.

Nude - for very fair skin complexion with natural pink undertones.
Nude Beige - For fair complexions with warm undertone.
Cork - suits medium to fair complexions with a warm undertone.
Almond - for medium complexion with yellow undertone.
Sandalwood - for people who tan easily or have a naturally olive complexion.
Caramel - would suit rich caramel skin tones.
Chestnut - for dark skin tones.


Sand - very light complexion with a pink undertone.
Warm Ivory - fair to light complexions.
Warm Natural - fair complexions with a yellow undertone.
Warm Honey - medium complexions with a yellow undertone.
Natural - suits medium to fair complexions with a yellow undertone.
Cappuccino - would suit rich caramel skin tones.
Mocha - for dark skin tones.

You can order 3 sample colours to be delivered to you to make 100% sure you find the perfect match.  Click here to add the 3 samples to your basket.

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