Bronze By Face Shape



Accentuate your Best Features

Always been too scared to use a bronzer? "Too orange" or "Too made up"?
  • Bronzer is an awesome tool that ANYONE can use for a sun kissed glow or when you want to wear more muted tones next to your face
  • A few well placed strokes of Bronzer you can add warmth to your face and accentuate your best features. 
  • The basic principles of sculpting the face are:
    • Add depth where you want areas to recede
    • Add a highlight/glow to the areas that you want to bring forward
    • Sculpt under the cheekbones, as it pulls the face ‘up & in’ and lets the lighter tops of the cheekbones pop forward in contrast
  • Selecting the right brush for your look is important 
    • The Curved Sculpter is perfect if you are looking for more precise placement for a more sculpted look.
    • The Blush Highlighter Brush is best if you want an all over diffused bronze glow.


Bronzer in TOUCH OF SUN and GLOWPOT in CHAMPAGNE BUBBLES are both beautiful medium-golden tones to gently sculpt and add dimension to your face. 



CHAMPAGNE BUBBLES tap along cheekbones and brow bones to add a moonlit champagne opalescence.


CURVED SCULPTER: for more sculpted precise application


BLUSH HIGHLIGHTER BRUSH: for a more diffused glow