About Us

Cosmetics for the thinking woman

Do you feel disquiet over the ethics of your favourite cosmetic brands? Do you wish you had as much control over what you put on your face as you have over what you put into your body?

Well, hello Lula Fox!

Brand new in South Africa, Lula Fox is the thinking woman’s make-up range – a series of truly beautiful products that are ecologically sound yet made to the highest professional standard. Lula Fox is what we call ecolux: eco because it is not tested on animals and is made from natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients; lux because it is on a par with professional and mainstream make-up ranges but without the toxic ingredients and preservatives.

Lula Fox is the first natural professional make-up range in South Africa. It is the brainchild of two pioneering women, Sinéad Brook and Fiona Buchner.

Both Sinéad and Fiona perform the daily balancing act most women identify with, juggling children, family, friends, home, travel, health, fitness… and they want to look and feel good while they’re doing it.

Frustrated that they couldn’t find beauty products that were not only stylish and fashionable but also healthy and ethical, they decided to create their own, and so Lula Fox was born. The brand is made for like-minded women: 30+, successful, educated and health conscious, willing to invest intelligently in their appearance, well-being and image.

Meet the Founders:

Sinéad Brook, Lula Fox’s creative director, started her career in the asset management industry, working in London and Johannesburg as portfolio manager and research analyst. Needing more flexibility after the birth of her third child five years ago, she took a giant leap of faith and followed her passion, becoming a professional photographer and make-up artist who specialises in enabling women to see their true beauty. Having dual photography and make-up artistry skills and a love of making a connection with people has enabled her to build a flourishing business and expert portfolio. 

After Sinéad’s husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 (he is now fully recovered), she became acutely aware of the toxins that feature in everyday products, from the food she fed her family to the cosmetics available in the market. She knew there was nothing healthy about the toxic ingredients in the products she was exposed to. The more she learned, the more inevitable Lula Fox became.

Fiona Buchner, Lula Fox’s marketing director, started her business life in corporate marketing. While she loved her high-powered role, she also loved her young family. Eventually the extensive international business travel she was doing forced her to find her inner entrepreneur. She left the corporate world and, using her enviable experience, started a now thriving marketing strategy consultancy.

Fiona has always been passionate about working with other women, supporting them in their own goals. Having so successfully found her work/life balance, she is especially committed to helping others do the same, putting wellness – and all that the term implies – at the heart of their lives. Being an expert at branding and identity, Fiona wants Lula Fox to help women discover their own personal brand identities.

Our Philosophy

Every day we are all exposed to toxins through our food, water, skincare, make-up, soap, toothpaste, cleaning materials, etc. After cleaning a lot of these toxins from their lives by making different choices, Sinéad and Fiona and their families experienced such positive benefits that they are determined to share their experiences and discoveries, starting with Lula Fox. This is why well-being is central to the brand.  

Understanding natural make-up 

Not a lot of people know this but beautiful, high performance cosmetics do not need any of the toxic chemicals and preservatives that mainstream products contain. So why do manufacturers use them? Because they make the production process both easier to manufacture and less expensive.

Lula Fox products are crafted with a minimum of 70% certified organic extracts, oils, butters and plant-based materials (botanicals); the remaining 30% comprise essential oils and mineral pigments. Our ingredients are natural, healthy and minimally processed. This is why Lula Fox’s top quality, clean formulations leave your skin feeling smooth, healthy and hydrated and looking radiant.

And from a professional photography perspective, Lula Fox is a photographic range, meaning that it doesn’t reflect camera flash - perfect for special events, fashion shoots, weddings and more.

Through our research and rigorous testing processes we ensure that Lula Fox performs better than, or equal to, mainstream professional grade cosmetics, without all the unnecessary chemicals.

The Lula Fox shade spectrum covers all South African skin tones. Our product range includes foundation, concealer, face powder, blush, bronzers, eyes shadows, gel liners, mascaras, brows powders and pomades, and lipstick and glosses.

Lula Fox’s values of honesty, integrity and trust may be old-fashioned but our products are at the forefront of international style and colour trends. We also monitor health and sustainable eco-beauty industry developments.