Lula Fox DNA Test Journey with JOINCIRCLES


Part of the reason why we founded Lula Fox was to provide healthier, cleaner beauty options for women and in so doing reduce their toxin burden. While everyone is unique everyone can reduce their own exposure to toxin within their environment. However, some people are better equipped than other through their detoxification processes to manage their toxin burden. This is determined by your DNA. However you can support your system based on your DNA results through appropriate supplementation and lifestyle choices.

Knowledge is power the more you understand about your DNA strengths and weaknesses the better equipped you are to support your body to function optimally. 

After much deliberation we have have decided to have our DNA analysed to understand our own unique DNA profiles. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our journey. 



SineadBoth my mother and my husband are cancer survivors. After my husbands testicular cancer diagnosis in 2013, I had been doing photographic work with Dr Heidi and Margie of JOINCIRCLES and they introduced the notion of "toxin free" make up to me. I had never heard of such a thing. They explained how mainstream make-up can wreak havoc with your endocrine system and over time can lead to hormone disruption. People that are not able to detox easily (through their specific DNA) would be more affected than those that can. DNA results for my husband proved that this is the case for him. We changed our lifestyle and reduced our exposure to processed food and switched to clean hair, body and beauty products. 

Now having lived like this for almost 4 years I am curious to understand more about my specific DNA and more optimally support my body instead of using guesswork. The idea of a DNA test for sometime has terrified me but now having done so much collaborative work with JOINCIRCLES I am ready to get my map, compass and back pack on my journey to better health.


At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to do the test.  What if I discover I have some seriously dodgy DNA and am doomed to a future of bad health.  Silly really.  Regardless of whether I do the test or not - my health may or may not be at risk - but if I do the test I can know what my risk factors are and make choices to better support my DNA and in so doing improve my health.  I also think that I am a creature of habit and don’t like change too much (aren’t we all?).  So another degree of reticence was the fact that - what if the DNA test says you need to give up favourite foods or hectically change your exercise regime.  Once you know you need to do something you can’t “unknow it”.  You are going to have to make some changes.  But - being the control freak I am - I like the idea of taking control, being the master (mistress?) of my health destiny and being in the driving seat of my future health.  And so we embark on taking the test.  Onwards and upwards.
Also, I have two beautiful little girls - age 7 and 9 - to whom I have definitely passed on some of my DNA.  In knowing how my DNA works allows me to also change all of our lifestyles to better support their growth and health.  
Dodgy DNA or not - I am ready for the journey.