How to carry off Bold Winter Lipstick Shades




Its very easy to accessorize your winter wardrobe with bold lipsticks through winter. Knowing how to carry it off is key. 


Dab concealer on lips to erase natural color and make the shade pop. Line your lips with a lipliner that tones in with your lipstick colour. Swipe on your lipstick and blot; but before you add a second application, dab a little loose powder on your pout. The dusting will help the color really stay, so you won’t have to reapply so often. Applying your lipstick with a lipstick brush will help with precision but is not a must.

How to Rock a Neon Pout

Fuschia is a great alternative to your go-to red lipstick. Fuschia still allows you to make a statement, but in a more subtle way. Keep the rest of the make-up simple and eye make-up natural. Use a subtle bronzer to contour your cheek bones and define your brows when pulling off this look. Our favorite pick Fuschia Rose from our collection.

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Go Edgy With a Dark Lip During the Day

While a romantic berry lip is usually the go-to every Autumn, tones as dark as black stormed down the the runways in 2016. They are perfect for the evening as shown below but we will tell you how easy it is to wear a dark lip for daytime try our Temptress Lipstick. The key to a dark lip in the daytime is to keep the rest of your face fresh, light and simple. We like keeping it simple. Add a defined brow,  a nude shadow and few coats of mascara and a light blush and you are set! Since the colour of the lip adds so much to the look, why not keep it the focal point. It can look super stylish for daytime, even in casual clothing e.g. contrasting a leather jacket with a floral dress. It also adds some chic to a monochrome outfit and works beautifully with navy, grey, black and khaki.


 Photography: Sinead Brook Photography 

Orange-Red Lipstick trend takes the lead on Classic Red for 2017

There was one particular lip colour that has been stealing the limelight this year on the red carpet and it wasn't the classic red. An array of celebrities opted for punchy orange-red lipstick. It offers the boldness of a classic red with a more modern and youthful twist. It's incredibly versatile hue and suits all skin tones from dark to porcelain. Choose a more peachy based blush so your lips and cheeks complement each other. We love our brand new lipstick to add to our collection Fire Red



Photography: Sinead Brook Photography