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Goats Milk Brush Shampoo

Goats Milk Brush Shampoo

R 200.00


You are buying clean, non toxic products - so make sure you keep them clean with a non toxic, chemical free, all natural brush shampoo.  You should be cleaning your brushes once a week so why use your hair shampoo or anything toxic when you can swish and swirl in this goats milk brush shampoo which leaves your brushes' bristles smooth and undamaged for future precise applications.


Goats Milk, Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive oil, Ethically Harvested Palm Oil, Tea Tree Extract and Essential Oils


Its is as easy as:

1.   Wet your brush
2.   Swirl in the shampoo to create a lather
3.   Rinse and allow to dry


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